Every man’s dream is a hard and fast and strong erection.

The problem starts when it doesn’t. But the good news is there is a solution! Erection: How does erection occur? Did you know that the erection starts from the brain?

A sexually pleasing sight, scent, feeling or even sound can trigger your erection. In this case, your nervous system sends chemical impulses to the smooth muscle and blood vessels of the penis.

The arteries expand and fresh blood flows into them. At the same time, the veins in the penis are narrowing and blood is not allowed to flow out. In this way, blood remains in the cavernous bodies of the penis and the erection is already in place. Of course, the erection can also be achieved or stimulated by stimulation (e.g. caressing or oral). The question is, if the erection is so easy, as an excitement, what is the weak erection of someone?

Or where are the erectile problems? In general, we can say that 3 major factors fail to start erection or to maintain erection. In this post we deal with organ and health erectile dysfunction. Psychic-related potency problems and their solution are presented in the following article.

Physical or organ erection problems may occur in erection: Vascular Diseases Diabetes Nervous system problems Other health issues / stress, psychic problem / What is the most important for you? If you manage your vascular disease, avoid diabetes (or if you have it, you will improve your condition) and your alcohol consumption will be reduced, you will live without stress then you have taken a huge step to reduce or eliminate erectile dysfunction.

But if you want to be extraordinary, this product can help you maintain your erection and your partner will be happy with the guaranteed! The simple solution is Penispowerspray which our customers have said: – Strong and persistent erections have been reported. – Increases your self-confidence / reduces psychic stress / – There is no side effect – It was quick and it had an effect for 7-8 hours.