Erection problems and its types.One of the most common sexual problems in men is erectile dysfunction. This can be a problem with the quality of your erection and how fast your penis responds to sexual stimulations.

Erectile dysfunction or erection problem is when the penis does not reach a stiff and hard state under sexual stimulation.

But what is erection?

An “erection” is a physiological phenomenon in which the penis becomes enlarged and rigid. This process occurs as the blood vessels in the penis dilate, allowing more blood to flow into it, resulting in the penis becoming erect. Erections typically occur in response to sexual arousal when nerve signals stimulate the dilation of blood vessels and increased blood flow to the penis. Erection plays a crucial role in sexual function and reproduction.

Erectile dysfunction:

There are several types of erections, which I would like to introduce to you.
Let’s try to solve the problem together.


Weak erection:

Concept of quality of erection. This problem most often occurs when you have a hard time getting an erection or when you cannot penetrate the vagina.
This may be due to circulatory failure, low levels of libido or testosterone.

Here are some examples that can help you get an erection:

– Improve your diet, quality of food!
– It is recommended to increase the proportion of vegetables and fruits.
– Your erection will probably improve if you stop smoking.
– Lifestyle change

If you want to completely improve your erection then you need to change your lifestyle the most. Doing this with exercise and the ones described above will work.

Early erection:

Early erection means that the erection occurs too early. This can be very unpleasant in some situations.

This could be due to:

– If you haven’t seen a woman in a long time
– You have too little sexual experience
– Few sex in your life

These may be the causes of early erections. Early erection is often accompanied by premature ejaculation because you cannot control your feelings.

For the treatment of early erection, I recommend the following treatments:

– Make love more! Especially when you have little sexual experience
– More frequent masturbation! you should do more masturbation to get your penis ready for action at any time.
Masturbation relieves sexual tension and restores hormone balance.

Early erection is not a common problem but you have to deal with it.


Short erection:

If during sex you notice the problem that your erection does not last long, this is called a short erection.

Behind a short erection may be:

– Sexual inexperience
– High age
– Medicines can also cause side effects.
– Psychological reasons as well.

Behind the problem, if there is a physical problem, usually a cardiovascular problem, circulatory failure, you should immediately seek medical attention. But there may also be a psychological factor.

Psychological factor like:

– Depression
– Anxiety
– Fear of sexuality
– Sense of failure

These are mostly either with medical help or try to solve yourself by using self-suggestion. So you have to tell yourself that you look good and can satisfy your partner.

I can tell everyone that there is no erectile problem that you can’t solve if you really want to. With great perseverance, attention, change of diet and lifestyle changes you can achieve very big results.

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