Good sex is a very important thing, a lot depends on this thing, in a relationship. What are the signs?

The act of sex has in recent times become a normal conversation piece these days, but one certain thing is the fact that people still shy away from talking about what good sex is.

Truth is, it’s probably because we feel we don’t exactly know what good sex is and how to know when we engage in one.Well, a lot of persons are good at sex, this article is going to let you know what good sex is.

Signs that you’re good at sex.

You love sex. Period!

We are usually good at what we enjoy doing. Yes, we all have our views on what good sex is. But really, one of the best ways to know if you’re good in bed is how much you love sex. You enjoy it, so you always lookout for new things, ways to make your partner enjoy you. It’s like making sure you both get the best experience. With this attitude, you get better at it with every day that passes by. 

Most persons that love what they do are usually quite good at it. Sex is just like that too.

But of course there is always room for improvement. A little eroticism, sensuality can make sexual intercourse better.This can be one of the secrets of a good relationship.

You keep an open mind and willing to switch.

If you’re never comfortable with just one sex position and have a knack for never skipping foreplay then you’re good in bed. At least, it’s a good sign that you are good in bed.

Foreplay is usually considered the best part of sex and everyone wants to be a part of it, so if you enjoy dishing out foreplay and switching up, then you’re good. Foreplay is also very important to tune to your partner.

You always aim to please.

Going for sex with a mindset to give us a huge one. Yes, a lot of personal goal in sex is a pleasure when you are more interested in giving that pleasure then you’re very good.

Naturally, a good lover is one who is willing to dish out pleasure than receiving. It’s almost as if you’re always competing with your partner on who gives the highest pleasure. Simply put, a good lover is never satisfied until their partner is.

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The basis of a good relationship: You pay attention and voice out your needs

Once you’re into letting your partner know what they need to do to make you happy as well as asking them what you should do to make them happy, then you’re good at sex.

Being attentive during sex is a major turn-on for most persons. Also, being vocal means moaning out loud genuinely, of course. Most persons like to hear their partners enjoy sex. Even if it’s not moaning, the heavy breaths, the way you move your body, all but causes them to want to please you more.

A good sex partner is not always after the usual sex tricks, switching things up and watching how their mates feel is also a good sign.

Being a good communicator during sex is an indication that you’re good at sex. It can also be part of a good relationship, good communication. 

Of course, different persons have different views on sex, but these stand out.

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