Erotics is relationships: Whether you say yes, no or even maybe, the truth is no one answer speaks for everyone when it comes to erotics in a relationship.

We all have a different mindsets and how we view these things may not be the same. It’s all a personal thing because what’s important for A might not be important for B. Physical desire, personal taste, and emotional strength all play a vast role in determining what’s best for us.

Sex isn’t exactly a necessity. There are lots of people out there who have had fulfilled relationships without any form of erotics with their partners, there are also those who have had awesome relationships while having sex just once in a while.

One can have a lot of reasons for not having or wanting any form of erotics in their relationship.

They can include:

  • Low sex drive
  • The presence of a medical condition.
  • The need to date or be in the relationship for a long time.
  • Not being married.

The presence of all these reasons doesn’t mean the relationship will be unhealthy or unhappy in any way. Neither does it mean your partner or lover does not cherish you. So what’s the bottom line of all these? Lack of sex-related activities or erotics doesn’t guarantee a poor relationship.

Yet, this can be very important to some people. They see erotic acts as part of their daily life and thus becomes a part of them. They need it to have a stronger connection with their partners.

The truth is, there are lots of reasons why sex or erotics is important in relationships.

They include the following:

  • It presents one the opportunity to be closer to their partner.
  • It brings partners closer in affection and love.
  • It helps some people feel secure about their relationship with their partners.
  • Some find it very pleasing and fun.
  • Seeking a baby.

Add this to the fact that there are lots of goodies attached to having sexual relations with your partners. 

sex drive

When we say goodies, we aren’t just talking about pleasure, there are other mental and physical benefits of sex-related activities.

Mental/Emotional benefits:

There are lots of emotional reasons attached to sex and it brings about the following benefits.

  • Sex-related activities boost self-confidence.
  • It helps one get to know their own body better
  • It helps partners bond hence relieving each other of stress and showing more care and love.

Physical benefits:

Sex-related activities/erotics pose as a great way to keep the body and physical health in check.
Research has shown that carrying out sex-related activities or erotics in relationships can help;

  • Boost one’s immune function.
  • Act as exercise. 
  • Vastly improve one’s heart health. 
  • Soothe and relieve headaches.

Again, all these does not mean that people who do not engage in erotics will have mental and physical challenges, it only means that those who do will enjoy more of this benefit. 

Having an erotic affair with your partner can create intimacy as well.

Research has shown that there’s a good relationship between repeated erotics in relationships and being intimate.

But then, sex-related activities isn’t the only way one can be intimate with their partner.

Affectionate touch also presents us with such opportunities. Massages and holding hands all work fine as well. There’s also emotional intimacy such as honestly and having vulnerable discussions.

In conclusion, one thing is certain. Sexual compatibility is paramount because no one will want a relationship where one partner wants to be intimate and have erotic affairs while the other doesn’t.

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