Sex is one act almost everyone on earth indulges in at adulthood. We all know it’s all fun and pleasurable, but do you know there are really great benefits of good sex?
Let’s take a look at some.

Keeps the immune system active.

Research shows that people who are sexually active tend to have lesser sick days.
These people who usually have sex often have lots of what defends their system, in high quantities. This research confirms that the body of those who have had sex recently usually has higher antibody releases than those who haven’t.
Although, you still have to do the other things that keep the immune functioning.

Libido booster.

The more you have sex, the more you’re going to crave it and get better at it. Sufficient sex will improve your libido and relax your fears about being bad at it.
Constant sex in women usually help increase their vaginal lubrication, enhances blood flow as well as elasticity in her. This of course will make sex feel better.

Lowers Blood Pressure:

Lots of research are still in place on this, but the first signs suggest that sex is connected with lowering blood pressure.
Sexual intercourse has been proven to have a hand in the reduction of systolic pressure.

Reduces Risk Of Heart Attack

Good sex life is what keeps your estrogen and testosterone levels in balance all the time. It keeps your heart pumping and stabilizes your heart rate.
The moment your heart rate reduces, you start getting symptoms of certain ailments you wouldn’t even like to hear their names (osteoporosis, arteriosclerosis, etc.)
Research confirms that men who have making love more than once weekly are less likely to die of heart disease.

Improves Sleep

Ever noticed the urge to just doze off immediately after satisfying sex? Yeah!
After orgasm, the body releases a hormone, prolactin, which helps us relax and is responsible for feeling sleepy. Good sex will lead you to get quality sleeping sessions and that’s great for the health.

Stress Reliever.

As we all know, simply being close to your partner can actually help reduce some stress and anxiety you’re facing.
The body releases ‘feel-good hormones’ when you’re touching and hugging your partner.
The body secretes chemicals that will make you feel good and mushy.
Sex also boosts confidence and self-esteem. This is why it is easy to actually detect women who have recently just had sex. They act all confident and bright.
Sex is a prescription for both a healthy life and a happy life.

So we can say that regular sex gives us a better mood. Good quality sex, which is closely related to a happy relationship, can also provide us with a longer life.

Regular sexual activity simply protects men’s health. Last but not least, the more often a man makes love, the better his sperm will be. Therefore, regular sex is very important for couples who want a child. Fresh sperm is likely to reach its destination sooner and faster than what has accumulated in weeks.

Let’s summarize once again why sex is good:

-Better immune system
-Libido booster
-Keeping blood pressure in order
-Reduction in the risk of heart attack
-Good sleep
-Relieving stress

These things will only work if our sex lives are satisfying. Do it for yourself, with regular exercise, creating a proper diet,consumption of aphrodisiacs.
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Article compiled:

Attila Nagy.

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