It’s customary to refer to intimate gymnastics as a form of bodybuilding. But really, this word also has another meaning “personal, intimate”. And it’s not all about showing off your body.

Intimate gymnastic:

Intimate gymnastic is actually a combination of different exercises and meditates aimed at strengthening and restoring women’s physical health, establishing harmony in their relationship with their partner and creating emotional balance.

These exercises are not only fun and very effective, but they also build strength, coordination, endurance, and confidence in the participants. So why is intimate gymnastics good for you?

What is intimate gymnastics? 

As I mentioned, these exercises strengthen the vagina and other intimate muscle tissues, thus helping a woman to enjoy better sexual experience.

This means that the tightness of her vaginal muscles is more than just a good way to enjoy sex – these muscles have a lot of benefits on sexual satisfaction. And it’s not only through the vagina that these vaginal muscles benefit, but the ass also.

There is a particular set of intimate exercise that focuses on kegel contractions. If you haven’t heard of them, relax. They’ve been around since the 60’s and they’re very popular with all types of people. Kegel contractions are basically moderate-level pelvic muscle exercises that are used to strengthen, lengthen and balance the pelvic floor muscles.

Kegel exercises

About Kegel exercises

The whole idea behind kegel is to gently pull the pelvic floor muscles into a semi-tight position while contracting the rectal muscles at the same time. You can think of this as slowly, gently squeezing the anal sphincter at the same time you pull your anus towards your body.

It might sound weird, but there have been actual studies conducted where participants performed all of these things without any training or instructions. In the study, participants had all practiced this for ten seconds before trying to have sex.

When they were asked about their level of intimacy with their partner, they reported that it was significantly more engaging than when they had practiced these exercises by themselves.

For women, strengthening their muscles in the vagina is important because this is where the majority of friction occurs during intercourse. And regular “girl on girl” foreplay techniques don’t always work well enough. Women need to learn how to relax their vagina before putting their minds to making love to one another.

Kegel exercises aren’t just for women though 

Men can benefit from them as well if they’re willing to put in a little effort. Men can try squeezing their prolapses from time to time as a means of increasing the firmness of their erections. A lot of men report that these Prolapse Exercises feel really good and they can help men control their urination too. And that’s a good thing – controlling urination is very important for women because urinating involuntarily can lead to an infection in the vagina if it’s not controlled.

The main benefits of intimate gymnastics

Intimate gymnasts benefit a lot from this exercise too. The Arnold Kegel Simulator is a very realistic program that will allow you to perform these exercises anywhere at anytime. Not only that, but using the program allows you to strengthen the muscles in your pelvic floor, vagina, and anus by applying constant pressure to them. It’s definitely good for sexual pleasure and it’s great for improving strength and flexibility in these very sensitive areas.

So, why is intimate gymnastics good for women? Good for what it is? For the benefits of intimate gymnastics for women and the reason why it is good for the women who participate in it. There are a lot of benefits of intimate gymnastics for women but let us enumerate the most important ones:

Physical Benefits of sex

Physical Benefits

The physical aspect of this sport is quite different from that of other gymnasts. It requires a lot of strength and balance which women have in their genes. In such a scenario, any woman who wants to take part in it will be doing it because she wants to be stronger and improve her balance and flexibility. As a result of this, the women will be able to participate better in all body heats and this will translate into better postures and strengthening of muscles and ligaments. This in turn will be translated into better postures during competitions and better chances of winning.

Emotional benefits

The gymnast who is able to win a competition is a woman who has trained very hard for the competition. She has been practicing for months or years and it shows.

This is a woman who has toughened up to meet the challenges of the competition and she knows that she is up against the best of the world. This is a woman who is mentally tough and can win without being showered with gifts and glamour.

Mentally: A professional gymnast is a well balanced individual. She is mentally strong to cope with the pressure of competing. She is a winner as she knows that the results of the competition count.

She knows that she has to perform with flair and charm to be up against the best of the world. This is a woman who knows that the confidence which comes from winning goes a long way in creating an aura of invincibility around herself.

It is not surprising to find that the benefits of intimate gymnastics are enormous. The gymnast who performs well in a competition is one who is in perfect shape. This means that her performance does not suffer due to lack of physical fitness. In fact, it becomes one of the best motivators to keep on practicing even when one is not feeling well.


So if you have been feeling a little unsure about starting intimate foreplay with your partner, maybe it’s time to start practicing these exercises on yourself first. You’ll definitely be able to give your partner a mind-blowing experience and strengthen your intimate muscle groups that have been aching.

And it doesn’t matter whether you’re married or dating or you just want to make your woman happy – the exercises are definitely for you. Practice it once, and you’ll never be shy again! Start now!

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