Sex has always been a part and parcel of creatures everywhere.

Not just for its pleasures but also for the purposes of creating life from scratch. Humans have had a history of having sex inside. Especially when they are alone in an enclosed environment. Research goes on to show that people are naturally inclined to have sex inside more than outside and this is because of the mentality associated with sex when we are still young.

The fear of not getting caught and exposed has led us to believe sex is only done indoors until we discover otherwise. So which one is better? Sex done inside or sex done outside? 

For the purpose of fairness, we are going to discuss the pros (reasons) which make any of them better than the other and we will judge from there. 


When it comes to privacy, people prefer to have sex in an enclosed, secluded environment with their partners. This is only naturally until the discover the thrills of having sex outside. The fear of getting caught actually stimulates a lot of persons and this makes sex even more enjoyable. With inside sex, you are both secured and you both have the knowledge that you won’t be caught hence everyone is relaxed as opposed to outside sex.


Normally, indoor sex comes with a routine and this, in time makes it become boring if there’s no spicing up. Having sex outside means you can literally have it anytime, anywhere and this alone provides a major thrill to both partners. The turn-on experience during sex done outside can not be compared to those experienced when one has sex inside. The simple act of lifting your partner’s clothes in a public or semi-public place can make them really horny.

indoor sex


Having sex inside is associated with a longer duration. This, of course, is because both of you are relaxed and since sex is planned, you tend to take your time with it. Outside sex, on the other hand, you don’t get that much luxury with time. You have to get things done quickly to avoid getting caught or spotted by someone. But still, the satisfaction is almost the same as a result of the thrill. 

A lot of people actually are scared of having sex outside their homes, even though they are attracted to the idea. Generally, it is a very enjoyable experience and everyone should try it out because it’s better than having sex inside.

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