There are lots of arguments concerning sex when one is younger and when one is older.

A lot of persons often ask, which stage is better? Can sex get better when one gets older or is it better when one is younger? The truth is, there isn’t one simple answer to all these questions. This is because a lot of factors revolve around people’s definition of good sex.

By saying sex is getting better, it practically depends on ones point of view of what they and their partner brings to the table. Basically, this means that you can’t actually limit the possibilities of sex being good at both stages in life. To help narrow this down, we will discuss how good sex is at a younger age or older age, using certain factors.
Let’s get started.


Obviously when it comes to energy, the younger generation is going to win. Sex younger vs older.This is because as we get older, we start losing some of our physical strength to carry out some tasks, sex styles and more. Hence, sex is better when one is younger, as a result of the energy input both partners can bring to the table.Regular exercise, eating the right quality foods, can significantly improve this

sex younger


When we talk of intimacy, we are talking about our ability to appreciate our partners. Our ability to make our partners feel good, not just with sexual intercourse, but with the words we say and the things we do.

Here, sex is better for the advanced in age because at this stage you’re more experienced, you’re more in tune with your partner and you know just what to say, to get them off. At a younger age, we may be more naive and nonchalant when it comes to romance.If you pay attention to this, you might want to try to change it.

Sex Drive:

Sex younger vs older.Sex drive varies across genders and differs from person to person. A lot of factors can either increase or decrease our sex drive, NO MATTER THE AGE. This means that sex can feel good even when we are advanced in age, so long as we have the drive to go on with it.

So long as you want to make your partner feel good, while also feeling good, sex can be great even at old age. It’s true statistically that women start getting less sex when they cross the age of 50, but that is basically dependent on sex drive as well as the availability of a spouse. It has nothing to do with them not feeling good about sex.

In conclusion, good sex can feel really great for us, no matter the age bracket we find ourselves in. Yes, in terms of physicality, it’s better when we are younger while emotionally, it’s better as we get older but still, sex will always feel good for everyone no matter the age, so long as there is enough drive.
I hope I could help you, with these thoughts.Sex younger vs older?

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