Stress and Sexuality: A lot of people wonder if stress can affect the sexuality of your relationship and the answer is yes. A huge yes!

Regardless of what you’re thinking, there are three ways stress can affect your relationship sexuality. Let’s discuss them below.

The nervous system

There are two nervous systems we have as humans. The sympathetic nervous system is known as the accelerator while the parasympathetic nervous system is widely regarded as the brake. 

It’s the sympathetic nervous system that we employ when we face stress and worry in our day to day affair.

Once this happens, the stress response in our body releases into our body. Physically a lot of changes happen immediately; you notice an increase in heart rate, the palms get immediately sweaty, there’s this uneasy feeling you feel.

The reason for all this is because your body is giving you some energy to either fight or flight. Once the danger is over and you’ve conquered, your body releases the brake (parasympathetic nervous system).

This is the simple thing that happens when we face stress but then when we face this stress over extended periods we tend to feel like our accelerator is stuck and our body starts working overtime. Hence our body breaks never come on. Human sexuality works with the break. You can only enjoy an erotic encounter when you’re relaxed so when you’re worried or stressed, you won’t enjoy yourself at all.

stress and love

Hormonal changes

Now when your body has been stressed for extended periods, your accelerometer enters overdrive and releases cortisol (the stress hormone). The same process used in creating this hormone is employed when creating the male hormone for sex (testosterone). Meaning that when you experience a long stress period, your sex hormone production gets reduced.

Research shows that this hormone is largely responsible for sex drive in both guys and girls, meaning that you will experience a significant reduction in sexuality when you face stress.

When you’re no longer close.

Don’t get it wrong, sexuality is not only affected by just hormones, certain social and psychological factors play key roles here too.

When you’re stressed and the stress hormones come up, your closeness becomes absent, meaning you can be around people and not listen to them. Of course, that’s plausible because when you’re stressed, you don’t care much about others other than yourself.


With stress hormones coursing through your body and asking you to fight or flight, you can become aggressive to your partner. You may easily yell at people you claim to love for almost no reason especially when they want to spend time with you.

With all this going on, you aren’t going to get intimate with your partner and when that happens, your relationship will start falling apart. And naturally, when your sexuality fades away as a result of stress then your relationship starts falling apart, you start blaming each other more and more.

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