Naturally, we as humans have the tendency to pick from an array of lifestyle and live happily. This act of choosing a lifestyle depends largely on a lot of things and often is not done deliberately.

A lot of factors come into play when shaping our lifestyle and one of these factors is one’s sexuality. Our sexuality can help shape the kind of lifestyle we live and wether we like it or not it’s not usually done deliberately. 

What questions may arise on this topic?

– So how exactly does our sexuality affect our lifestyle?

– What’s the connection between how we are sexually with how we behave socially and emotionally?

For a fact, the lifestyle of one who is sexually active is vastly different from that of one who is not sexually active.

Lets take a moment to discuss this below.

Sexuality and Confidence


For someone that is sexually active, their level of neatness hits differently. They are often concerned about the opposite sex opinion of them and thus, do everything in their power to appear presentable and approachable. It’s easier to see someone who is sexually active put on a hot cologne for a simple walk to the mall.

This is not exactly true for one who isn’t sexually active. They are often nonchalant in appearance, since they don’t have any kind of attraction to the opposite sex. They usually feel like they don’t have enough about themselves to worry about how they look or smell.

It is very important that you be active and athletic. This gives you confidence and makes it easier to build relationships.

Sexuality and Confidence

This is a no brainer, when you see a person who exudes a high level of confidence in whatever they do. Just know for sure that they are sexually content and happy with themselves. Sexually content persons are often very confident in the way they go about their business, the way they talk, the way they do a lot of things.

Again, this is not true for someone who is not sexually content or happy with themselves. They tend to appear cranky all the time, exhibiting little or no confidence in communication, especially with the opposite sex.

sex and risk

Risk /Caution in sexuality

Sexually content persons are risk takers. When we say risk, we don’t mean they jump straight from an airplane without a parachute. No, when we say they are risk takers, we mean they are likely to make a life choice that has huge rewards in the end but would appear risky at the start.

This lifestyle usually stems from that confidence they have in themselves, which is as a result of their sexual contentment. People who are not sexually content or happy are usually scared of risks, they already feel like they have a damaged life, hence they don’t want to damage it further. They often appear too cautious or on dull (to be honest).

Yes, it may seem like our sexuality has nothing to do with our lifestyle choices. But on a closer look, such as we’ve stayed above, you can see for sure that how sexually active/ satisfied we are, has a huge role to play in the way we relate to the outside world both physically and emotionally.

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