Penis size is usually important to everyone.Let’s see how important this is for women.

Orgasm and love don’t depend on the size of the penis.Everyone has smaller, bigger doubts about their body and their sexuality. In good cases, these can also have positive effects and motivate a man to may encourage the body. But misconceptions can even change a man’s self-assessment..

Misconceptions about penis size

Everyone is wondering if their penis size is the right one. Perhaps the most common and bottomless sexual myth among men is that a big penis can satisfy a woman. The size of the penis varies widely across men. Research has shown that a smaller penis has a larger increase in the size of an erection than a large penis.



The penis size can only cause problems when in resting state is under 3 to 4 cm. This is called micro penis, which is very rare. In fact, men who feel their penis small have more than ninety percent of their normal size penis. Most of these men think that the average penis size when in stiff condition 16-18 cm. This is not true.

According to surveys, the reality is about half, 12-13 cm. Anyway, there is no need for longer penis than that, since the average vagina length is this much. The parts around the vaginal inlet, which stimulate the woman to enjoy more, also play a role in satisfying the woman. A small penis is perfectly enough for this.

The average size of the penis is thus anatomically sufficient to satisfy women. Moreover, the satisfaction of a woman cannot be traced back to size. Yet, in many cases, you hear of young people who are very anxious about having too small or too thin a genitalia. The most common problems here are self-esteem issues. Men and young people can easily get the wrong information when watching porn movies by listening to it.

Women can be satisfied with a small penis?

Anxiety is not infrequently severe enough to cause bodily disturbances and small penis complexes. Many times, misconceptions weave throughout life, and those involved do not undress in front of strangers. But often they don’t put off their clothes before anyone. Avoiding changing clothes can be a problem when exercising or even in physical education at school.

These behaviors will eventually become apparent to their peers and may be a constant target of the often rather harsh jumps among the affected youth. This can further erode your confidence.

Very often in the milder group, in the more serious cases, almost always the affected person avoids sex. He does not dare to make a relationship.. Other times, physical contact petting problems are already occurring. To the partner’s biggest surprise.
In milder cases, they occasionally try to have the act, but it usually fails because penis-related anxiety causes erection problems and / or premature ejaculation. These failures justify their anxiety – that I am unable to have normal sex, which of course is not true.


Cause psychological problems:

Small penis disease can be cured. Some mental support can usually relieve anxiety. This can improve the man’s awareness. Correct the false knowledge about the sexual significance of small penis. There are some products that help erect, which can give you self-confidence.


What could be the solution?

If you use such a product and your confidence comes, you may not need it later. Most common in the small penis complex are general self-esteem problems, lack of self-confidence, and possibly identity disorders. These need to be resolved but you should seek the help of a specialist. Or use self-suggestion, so tell yourself that your penis is not small, you look good and you are ready for a relationship. Your sex life is guaranteed to improve.

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