Important things that can improve your potency.


The great discovery of viagra in recent years is not the only remedy for erectile dysfunction. Adding to the fact that viagra is not harmless, its side effects are countless.

Here are some things to look out for that are particularly healthy and can help you solve your potency problem.

If you follow all of these suggestions and make your quality of life and your sex life better then there is a chance.
The basis of all is good sex.
Whether in partnership or general well-being, erectile dysfunction will also reduce your self-esteem.


Without smoking:

no smoking

Smoking significantly worsens blood circulation, a negative effect that develops over the years, but unfortunately has to do with the fact that a man in his forties has already experienced a loss of potency. Nicotine narrows blood vessels but also has long-lasting effects on the arteries and causes permanent damage. Erectile dysfunction is clearly dependent on blood congestion so the relationship between smoking and erection can be seen.

Research has shown that 6 cigarettes a day have a significant impact on potency. Quitting does not change in a matter of seconds It takes 6-12 months for normal operation to return.

Sports: Half an hour daily.


Training is correcting the situation can reduce erectile dysfunction by up to 40 to fifty percent. First of all, thigh strength training is effective and strengthens the lumbar region. Unfortunately, cycling and cycling do not do too well because it is this area that is under pressure that can cause circulatory problems.

Antibiotic steroids, which many bodybuilders are taking, are particularly harmful, should definitely be avoided. The testicles may shrink, weakening their testosterone production capacity.

Lose weight!

Lose weight


Obesity not only destroys our self-image but also sex life, it also reduces our sexual performance. The visceral fat in the body, which is stored mainly in the abdomen and internal organs, converts testosterone into estrogen. Low testosterone levels, on the other hand, make it harder to get an erection.

Weight loss improves the estrogen ratio of testosterone, as does libido and erection.

But what do potency enhancers and desire enhancers know?

The blue pill can only be prescribed by a doctor and is not harmless, but there are plants that have been used for such purposes for centuries and even millennia. For example, maca is Panax ginseng, Korean ginseng or coastal pine bark.

Improves energy levels, affect hormone balance and increase potency.

If you want an erection immediately, there is a solution. These ingredients are included in the Penis Power Spray in liquid form only, which works immediately and does not have to wait until the capsules or pills are absorbed in the intestines without any side effects and builds your confidence.