Sexual life is a very important thing for all people.

A lot of public opinion about alcohol and smoke has to do with them enhancing sexual performance but is that really true? A lot of people just feel since alcohol and smokes make you feel high that you’re going to perform better in bed.

The truth is, this is a very wrong notion. In fact, a whole lot of studies have come out to prove that alcohol and smoking actually bring about the reverse of what is being said.
That is basically saying they reduce sexual performance and can even cause impotency.

So how exactly does alcohol work in the body?

Well, basically alcohol is a depressant. This means that the more of it you take the more your body slows down just to accept it’s intake. In the long run, this slows down your body’s metabolism, hence your sexual performance.

Smoking on the other hand basically gets into your body system and causes feelings of euphoria. It makes you &quot “high” and that’s it. It doesn’t actually enhance your sexual performance, instead, it disturbs your liver and lowers performance.

excessive alcohol consumption

So let’s take a look at how alcohol affects the body that diminishes sexual performance.

It affects your nervous system.

As stated earlier, alcohol affects your body by acting as a depressant. Meaning it affects your circulation too, the flow of blood.

It causes dehydration.

Yes, alcohol takes away all the water you have in your system. That includes the ones in your blood including your oxygen. All these are necessary to bring greater sensitivity to your genitals. Without them, you perform badly. Smoking does the same thing.

It brings about Erectile Dysfunction.

With the dehydration caused by alcohol use and smoke, your body’s blood volume lowers significantly.
This brings about damage to the nervous system and that causes erectile dysfunction. The truth is, too much use alcohol and smoke causes really irreversible damage to the genitals and that gets worse as you get older.

alcohol problem

It causes vaginal dryness.

This is also as a result of dehydration. When the vaginal wall is dry, we all know that's going to affect sexual performance.

Also, excessive use of alcohol and smoking affects your ability to reach orgasm. This makes sex all but boring and worrying.

Alcohol and smoking cause severe hormonal imbalance. It can greatly reduce testosterone hormone levels. This hormone is responsible for men’s sex drive.

In conclusion, smoking and taking alcohol basically disrupts your ability to perform well on the bed. It reduces the libido,sexual life and makes you generally sick.

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