Erotica in the bedroom and Male potency of any incredible, interrelated.

The truth is, erection problems do not just affect men as simply as we think, they can go on and have really daunting impacts on a man’s partner and his relationship as a whole. Erection problems are very common and this affects the erotica in the bedroom hence leading to more unstable relationships now. Report shows that almost half of the men between the ages of 40 and 65 are affected by erectile dysfunctional issues of some sort.

But what is Erotica?

In my opinion, erotica means delicacy in the relationship between a man and a woman This is a Greek word which means to wish, wanted sexual feelings. A relationship full of erotica, emotion, can last for a long time.But be careful not to let this desire go away.One glance, one touch, one dress can be erotic.Only fantasy may limit.

So what then are erection problems?

Erection problems are described as a man’s inability to sustain and maintain a good enough erection during erotic times with their partners. Most times the erection achieved is so weak that you can’t even have an orgasm.

Dr. Anand Patel l, a specialist in sexual function says that ” some people are able to masturbate with a relatively soft penis and still achieve orgasm, but it may well not be good enough for penetration. It also depends on what kind of sex you’re having, because if it’s oral sex it’s very different from vaginal sex, which is again different from anal sex, so it is very much the individual case”.

A lot of things can bring about these erectile dysfunction issues ranging from unbalanced hormones, lack of blood flow to the genitalia and some psychological problems including depression.

Erotica in the bedroom

Erotica in the bedroom (relationships).How erection problems affect?

Dr. Patel says, “Men can often feel quite frustrated about not being able to achieve an erection and it can be very demasculinizing – the fact that they may see this as a symbol of their fertility and manliness and they’re not able to achieve it on demand,” says Patel.

Aside from this, there are also a whole lot of other external pressures such as pornography or people writing about having better sex for longer in the media. Most times, it turns out that you’re stressed either from having a busy day or from something else. When you try to have sex after these body thawing situations, you’re not going to like the result.  

Partners of these men tend to start worrying with time either thinking they are not doing enough to arouse their men or that there is something wrong with them generally. They can go as far as thinking their men are having an affair outside. All these, of course, are not the cause.

The doctor also suggests saying, “sometimes a woman may be concerned that her partner is addicted to porn – which can be an issue and can occasionally be the case where you can’t get an erection in real life.”

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