Erogenous zones

What are erogenous zones of the body? Erogenous zones are parts of the body that is sensitive to touch or that can be stimulated by touch. Erogenous zones are very sensitive areas of the body which can be easily and deeply aroused. The erogenous zones of the body are located in the front, back, shoulders, neck, legs, armpits and breasts.

Sexy zones for men and women 

To create a perfect angel of your admirer you have got to give him what he desires. In most instances, males are either too shy and are afraid to share his innermost feelings with females about their erogenous zones for men and women, or are generally unsure as to how to stimulate this part of their body. The erogenous zones for women and men differ as far as location is concerned, but they can be located on the same area of the body or on different areas.

In this article, we will be exploring what are erogenous zones for women and men. When you start exploring your body and becoming more aware of where the sensations occur, it will help you to know what you like.

It is important that you start exploring yourself as well so that you can discover what excites you and what does not. For example, if you like to be touched on the chest and neck area, then you will probably want to go for a long and exploratory touch massage.

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Well-known zones

The clitoris is an erogenous zone for most women; although some prefer the g-spot. The clitoris is a small button shaped structure at the top of a female’s body. When stimulated, it creates a slight tingling sensation which can feel similar to that of being caressed. When explored, the clitoris and its partner become extremely aroused due to its sensitivity and special sensitivity to touch.

Another erogenous zone for both men and women is the prostate; although it is more sensitive than the clitoris, it has great impact on the man’s performance because it is near the bladder.

The prostate is surrounded by the rectum; it is found on the underside of the testicles, at the front wall of the vagina, and on the upper thighs. The prostate is great way to provide sexual stimulation for men during foreplay and lovemaking. A great way to give this stimulation is through masturbation or intercourse, as it provides the highest amount of blood flow.

What are the erogenous zones for men and women when it comes to gentle massage? The feet, ankles, lower back, buttocks, rib cage, throat, neck, shoulders, back, buttock, head, face, throat, jaw, and neck are all very sensitive areas for both. Gentle rubbing of the hands, arms, legs, and back will easily start to create a sense of relaxation in these areas. It can also be a great way to begin exploration for new sexual positions.

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What do people know about erogenous zones?

If you ask the average person what are the erogenous zones of their body, they may tell you the center of the body, or the navel. These areas are highly sensitive, and should only be touched lightly and carefully.

The heart is also one of the most erogenous zones of the body, and is easily stimulate using your fingers or tongue. Another area to explore during foreplay is the genital region, as it is highly sensitive and receptive to touch.

What are the erogenous zones for women? The clitoris, for example, is highly sensitive, as well as being the primary sex part for women. When stimulating this area, try to experiment with gentle stroking, flicking, or pumping motions. The vaginal lips are also highly sensitive, and when stimulating them gently, use your tongue, or even your finger, to explore the different textures and movements of the lips.

How to stimulate your partner?

If you want to intensify the sensations, try massaging the erogenous zones like the breasts and neck. In addition to making the body parts more sensitive, gentle rubbing can also trigger the arousal of the female partner. Although, this may seem like rubbing the breasts or the neck too firmly may seem inappropriate, the gentle movement may make the arousal happen faster.

When stimulating the erogenous zones of the body with your fingers and with the inner wrist massager, do not apply too much pressure. The soft touch of your partner can lead to more stimulation for the woman. If you need more assistance, ask your partner to bring your hand inside her. With the erogenous zones being stimulated, your partner may feel aroused and the urge for sex can already be felt. If your partner is aroused, then touching her sensitive erogenous zones can be easier.

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