A lot of people in the world have sex for so many different reasons. It could be for fun, for childbearing purposes, to satisfy their sexual urge, due to an emotional trigger, for revenge, etc. Fact is, there are so many different reasons why so many different people have sex.

But one thing that stands out is the fact that sex is either emotional or it’s not. Emotional in the sense that couples can have sex when they feel certain ways about each other. It could be passion, when they feel cared for, when they feel wanted, some people even have sex after or during a strong fight with their partner (that’s when they are angry).

One night stands.

Sex can also be had by simply just having the urge to do so. Meaning, one can have sex just because they feel like it, mere sight and physical touch can trigger ones desire to have sex too. Some people prefer sex this way, the non-attached way (One night stand). That means when they want to have sex, they simply pick up their phones and call a “call girl” or in some cases they go to a club house where girls would be waiting to please them.

Some persons go to certain districts in cities where night life is at its peak. There, they select any girl of choice, take her home or to a hotel, pay her and then have sex with her. Simple as that. This kind of sex has no commitment attached, no emotions, no attachments whatsoever. It’s basically just sex for the sake of it.


Relationship sex

Now, on the other hand, sex in a relationship is different. While in a relationship and one desires to have sex, there are certain emotions in play. One of the partners can decide to please their spouse. The sex itself could directly result from certain emotions that the partners feel for each other.

Maybe the man just bought a nice present for the lady, maybe the lady just made the man’s favorite dish, maybe they both survived a troubling time in their relationship. It could be anything that triggers emotion. Once this happens, sex can be a beautiful thing.

The fact that there won’t be need to go out and meet a complete stranger makes it even more amazing. In relationship sex, it’s more of romance than complete banging. This is because erotics come into play, kissing, touching, fondling each other, smooching and even cuddling. All these erotic acts make relationship sex way better than normal emotionless sex.

While most persons will feel there are certain stress attached to being in a relationship which they can’t cope with (that’s true). A lot of persons don’t want that headache of having to check up on someone, going on dates, and the whole commitment thing.

So having said all these, it’s really quite obvious that emotion is important when one wants to have “fulfilling” sex. One night stands are just in-betweens that often lack erotics and without eroctis, sex tends to become boring.

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