Penis spray: Let’s talk a little bit about the penis and the man’s potency.

What is male potency?

Male potency is generally the ability of a man to get an erection, sustain and maintain it while reaching sexual climax. A man’s health is inextricably linked to his sexual function. A dent to this, affects his overall sexual function.

The truth here is, if all the representative works just fine then his organs will work just as great too. This keeps male potency at a very high level. Further decline in health, leads to reduced male potency.

When one is in for a full sexual intercourse, it’s not only physical pleasure that is desired, but emotional as well as moral satisfaction is necessary. All these brought together, makes male potency very important.

Why are aphrodisiacs – penis spray- needed?

From the beginning of time till date, men and women have usually sought after aphrodisiacs. This of course, is in a bid to increase and improve their sexual desire and overall satisfaction or ability to satisfy others sexually.

Truth be told, aphrodisiacs may well be the one thing that crosses all barriers. Barriers of race, culture, age and believes. At the end of the day, we all just want to have good long lasting sex isn’t it?

What type of aphrodisiacs are there?

Due to it’s naturally high demand, there are several different types of aphrodisiacs available to mankind.

They include, 

  • The Cream types
  • The Tablet types 
  • The spray types

Cream Types

Cream aphrodisiacs are simply those libido enhancing drugs that have been modified into creams that we apply to the body (usually sex organs). They are effective for male and female use and are quite easy to use. 

Major advantages of this cream aphrodisiacs is that it’s easy to use and it’s effective. They can be applied at any point in time. 

Their main disadvantage comes from their perceived time of action. Most cream aphrodisiacs take up to 15-20 minutes before they kick in.

Examples include California fantasies, Spot on etc.

Tablet Types

The tablet types of aphrodisiac just like the name implies, are those that have been modified into tablets which has to be ingested into the body, before they can begin work. They are usually very efficient as they disperse through the bloodstream quickly. They include Viagra, Horny goat weed etc.

One major advantage of tablet aphrodisiacs over others is it’s availability. Tablet types are easily available in shops and pharmacies.

It’s major disadvantage is also in it’s time of action. They take up to 10-15 minutes before they kick up hence they have to be taken before time.

Penis Spray types.

These types of aphrodisiacs have been chemically modified into sprayable forms. They are usually the best kind of aphrodisiacs and  just require a gentle spray on the sexual organ to get started.

Penis spray aphrodisiacs are clearly the best type of libido enhancer not only because of their effectiveness and ease of use but because of their kick off time. They are usually instantaneous, starting work within 2-3 minutes of application.

A good example of a spray aphrodisiac is the PenisPowerSpray.

PenisPowerSpray is currently one of the best aphrodisiacs out there. Not only is it in spray form, it also works effectively on men and women with zero side effects. 

The PenisPowerSpray has a kick off time of 2 minutes and can be used again immediately after first use unlike most aphrodisiacs which require a resting period of one week. Learn more about this amazing product at

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