Quickie or Longer Lasting Sex?

When you are looking for the best ways of sex and a relationship, you will hear both terms “quickie” and “passionate love.” These two terms mean the same thing, but they have different connotations. Do you want to experience quick sex or passionate sex? The answer may surprise you!

About quick sex

I think this has already happened to everyone. Quick sex refers to an encounter that leaves you in a state of hyper excitement and pleasure for only a very short amount of time. This type of experience usually leads to an immediate climax and orgasm. People who have experienced quick sex often feel a deep sense of satisfaction.

However, quick sex usually leaves you feeling drained and a lack of desire for future sex. You are typically left with empty intentions and no feelings of satisfaction. This is not a good way to build a long term relationship or a lasting bond with your partner.

passionate sex

About passionate sex

Passionate sex, on the other hand, is experienced when you are engaged in lovemaking for a long period of time. This means that you are not quick with your choices and your emotions.

Not everyone is passionate about fast sex

Yeah, that’s the experience.I think especially ladies don’t like it.Why? According to experience, a lady prefers pampering and caressing.

Passion is the drive or the desire to love someone and to spend the rest of your life with them. When you are in love, this type of experience often leads to long term relationships and lasting attachments.

You will notice that you can have longer relationships if you are passionate about it.So which is best? If you are looking for quickie sex, you should probably find a quickie class first. Then, if you are looking for a long term or serious relationship, you should stick to classes that teach long term, serious lovemaking.

There are plenty of great books, websites, and courses that will teach you all you need to know about healthy, mutually satisfying sex. You just have to be willing to give it a shot!

Quick sex

Quick sex or passionate sex?

So which is better? In reality, both are great. One just happens to be more enjoyable. Of course, one is always more fun, too! So, what is the difference between quick sex and long lasting, healthy sex?

The physical changes that happen during puberty, whether they are male or female, make the body more sensitive to touch. Because of this, the physical and mental responses to sexual stimulation are different. While one feels completely relaxed and at ease, the other is tense and uptight.

The brain chemical responsible for these bodily responses, neuropeptide Y, is activated and altered during puberty and can actually change the way the brain reacts to sexual stimulation, causing the person to enjoy the sexual experience more than they would otherwise.

Pleasure and enjoyment

If you’ve ever asked yourself which is best, premature ejaculation or long term, great sex, the answer is: premature ejaculation. The pleasure and enjoyment you get out of sex are directly related to how your body is feeling during the experience. If you are tensed and uptight, you are not going to last very long and the experience will be less than enjoyable.

Pleasure and enjoyment

It is different for everyone

There are some people who just reach orgasm in a matter of seconds. Some others cannot last long enough to achieve intense levels of intimacy. If you are among those people, you should learn how to control your body and be sensitive to touch. You will find out that the best ways of sex for couples involve slow and soft romantic foreplay and then fast and hard passionate sex.

Those who cannot last long enough to reach passionate climax may reach quickie. This does not mean that quickie is bad. There are some people who can last for hours with passionate foreplay but they still go for a quickie when it comes to intimacy.

It all depends on you.

It’s important to realize that there is nothing wrong with enjoying sex for the sake of having fun or being a little freer afterward. But when you are concerned about satisfaction, you may be putting yourself out of the equation.

With one sexual session, your body has learned how to be aroused and stimulated, but if you are thinking more about the physical aspect and not the mental one, you might miss out on the real benefits of sex. This is why premature ejaculation and great sex in general are so important.

If you can delay ejaculation and keep your sex life fresh and dynamic, you increase your enjoyment and give your partner an amazing opportunity to experience something wonderful.

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