Boring sexual life? More often than not, relationships enter a routine phase and become boring.

How can it be improved?

Much like every other activity like working, studying, eating, sex is very important for a good relationship to stick together but then it can easily become a boring activity for partners. And believe it or not, when it happens both partners start searching outside for thrills.

Let’s discuss some things that will give you the edge when your relationship starts sliding into the boring slope. These things will help you avoid living a boring sexual life in your relationship. Let’s go;

Boring sexual life: Apply New Sex Poses

No matter how cliche this sounds, employing new sex positions is one of the most effective ways to keep your sex life active. Becoming used to just one style means you would easily get bored in bed but when you spice things up with different styles even non-conventional ones, then you’re on the right track.

If your partner is not into trying out new styles or positions then you must take the initiative and start.

Switching sex positions, especially to those that bring about intense sex and orgasms will keep your partner addicted to you and you alone. There are many places to find new and advanced sex positions to employ. Search the internet and other sex magazines.

apply new sex poses

Pay attention to your sexual fantasies

Every one of us on earth has sexual fantasies. The real issue is that most of us believe our fantasies are too weird and thus keep them to ourselves. We keep it to ourselves to avoid potential embarrassment from our partners or them thinking we are too weird. But that’s just where the issue is. 

Sometimes not showing your fantasy already leads your partner to see you as weird and probably boring. So why not tell them? Why not share your sexual fantasy with them and see where it leads? Trust me, it will lead you out of your boring sexual life.

Employ Sex Toys

If you’re interested in spicing things up in your bedroom, then it’s important to befriend sex toys. There exist sex toys for everything, for guys and girls

Employing sex toys especially during foreplay keeps you both active, hot, and ready for action before sex. You can even employ them during sex depending on your fantasy level. 

Know this, relying too much on sex toy use can also become boring with time. So you’re advised to always spice things up and switch up. Don’t follow the same route all the time, so that you won’t fall victim to boredom in bed. Sex Toys are more like spices, they aren’t the main course.

Use aphrodisiacs:

Aphrodisiacs can help you to have a better sex life. I wrote more about this here.

Shower together

Yes! This sounds rather simple but trusts me, it’s very effective. It’s much similar to pinching your partner. The moment your partner goes to have his or her bathe, simply jump in the shower with them. This would not only increase excitement but may build tension for great sex later or for the wild ones, now. 

While in the shower, there are lots of things you can do; bathe them, give them a blowjob and as stated earlier, you could also have great sex there.

Watch Porn Movies Together

Watch Porn Movies Together

Of course, this is one point a lot of persons would shy away from. It’s widely viewed that women hate porn while men love it so much. But that’s not the truth, the more accurate point is women hate conventional porn.

Conventional porn is viewed as degrading and demeaning to women. Here, men treat women like trash, cum on their faces, talk as dirty as they like, and stuff like that. 

There are much female-focused normal porn out there that you and your partner can watch. 

But at the end of the day, if you don’t buy the idea of watching porn, don’t push it, just find other ways.

Dirty Talking

Talking dirty as simple as it may sound is a really powerful tool to escape boring sexual life. You will find many dirty talking tutorials online, all dedicated to ensuring you say the right arousing things to your partner. 

It’s very important to know what to say to your partner at every point in time. Constantly repeating the same thing can get boring fast, I’m sure that goes without saying.

All you have to do is put your mind to it, trust me your partner would love it because it would keep them constantly turned on and active. This, of course, eliminates boredom in bed.

So there you have it, try to employ any of these tips and escape that boring sexual life of yours. If you need a little help with a better erection you can find it here.

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